Man gets run down while doing the #InMyFeelings challenge

A man in Florida was hit by a car on Wednesday while attempting a risky rendition of the #InMyFeelings challenge. Jaylen Norwood staged the stunt in his hometown of Boynton Beach, but it didn’t go quote as planned after he slipped an oil spill.



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Norwood, who wasn’t seriously injured, laughed it off after the impact was caught on camera, showing off his scrapes. This is the latest viral clip of the dance challenge, which has gone viral to the tune of Drake’s chart-topping hit song by the same name. The video starts with Norwood hopping out of the driver seat of his own vehicle, while a passenger films his performance. He makes it halfway through the first refrain of the chorus, and then right after Drake sings the words, ‘Are you riding?’ he falls down to the pavement, after slipping on oil in the road.



Moments later, the car comes into view and smacks into Norwood, first in the shoulder and then right in the face. ‘Oh, my gosh!’ the woman filming the clip can be heard saying, while someone in the backseat laughs, nervously. The video then cuts to a clip of Norwood showing off his cuts. ‘I wasn’t injured,’ Norwood said. ‘Just scraped my arm.’



He’s smiling in the video, but it looks like the impact may have hurt a bit more than he lets on. This isn’t the first time the viral dance challenge has led to someone getting hurt, in connection with a moving car.



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