Bystander Body Slams Man Attacking A Policeman

A bystander springs into action after he witnesses a suspect attack a police officer. He took down a man who attacked and attempted to disarm an officer in a parking lot.



It was reported that Provo police responded to a Sam’s Club parking lot for a welfare check on a man who was reportedly walking around and asking people for water. A Provo officer then encountered 34-year-old Emiliano Medina, who police said pointed at the LEO’s firearm before making a gun gesture with his hand and pointing it at his own head.


Bystander Body Slams Man Who Attacked Utah Cop


Police said Medina then reached for the officer’s gun, which led to a struggle between the two. During the struggle, Medina punched the officer in the head and managed to escape.

Bystanders who watched the incident unfold intervened as Medina fled. A man grabbed Medina from behind in a bear hug and slammed him to the ground. Medina is then placed in handcuffs.


Bystander Body Slams Man Attacking A Policeman


Police said Medina was taken to a hospital because he exhibited signs of delirium. A blood test showed that Medina tested positive for methamphetamine.

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