Shocking video shows cobra regurgitating plastic waste as big as itself

Shocking video shows a venomous cobra regurgitating plastic waste, which it may have eaten mistaking it for prey. The snakes throws up the densely eaten plastic and is helped by snake rescuer Bhagesh Bhagwat, who was called to the home in Mumbai, India.



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He said: ‘Within seconds, I realized that it had ingested a large amount of plastic wrap that it was now throwing up.’ When he first spotted the snake, it was holding something in its mouth, which turned out to be the plastic.



He was called in after a homeowner spotted the snake hanging from a fan.



Santosh Shinde, founder & president of Spreading Awareness on Reptiles and Rehabilitation Programme (SARRP), said: ‘I have never come across a case like this as snakes never swallow foreign particles and Mumbai has recently put a ban on plastic.’



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