Thug punches woman unconscious in vicious attack outside an Essex nightclub

This is the shocking moment a violent man leaves a woman unconscious on the pavement after smashing her twice in the face with his fists. The confrontation took place outside Faces nightclubs in Gants Hill, Essex, at around 3am on Saturday morning.



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During the nine-second clip the woman approaches the man and gets very close to his face as he stands with his arms folded. The pair then exchange inaudible words before he smashes her in the face with his right fist. Dazed by the punch the woman, wearing a black top and blue jeans, stumbles forward only to be hit again by the man, also in a black top and jeans.



This shot leaves her unconscious on the floor near the Essex nightclub. The attack is being treated as grievous bodily harm, Metropolitan Police have confirmed to MailOnline. Onlookers are heard to be saying ‘oh my god’ and gasping in shock as the camera cuts to a disturbing image of the woman lying face-up and motionless with her arms spread eagle.



The victim was taken to hospital for treatment following the attack. The video has since been widely shared online, including by Paul Henson on Facebook.



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