Toddler nearly has her arm RIPPED OFF by an escalator

A toddler nearly lost her right arm after it was swallowed by a faulty escalator yesterday in southern China. The girl was playing on the steps when the machine suddenly malfunctioned and dragged her in, according to local reports.





She was freed by firefighters and is currently under extensive care, reports said. The accident took place yesterday evening at the Herun Wanjia supermarket in the city of Yongzhou, Hunan Province, according to Kan Kan News. Horrifying footage released shows the toddler screaming in pain as a woman desperately seeks help from onlookers. It is said that the escalator was shut down immediately after the child’s arm got reeled into a gap between the stairs and a side panel. The girl is said to be just over one year old.



She was playing on the escalator when it ‘encountered a sudden failure’, according to local Sanxiang Urban Daily. The report did not mention whether or not the child had been left unattended. Firefighters freed the child from the escalator after a 30-minute rescue effort. They took the child to a nearby hospital.



The toddler’s right arm had been mangled and nearly ripped off, a doctor told Kan Kan News. The doctor claimed that there were only skin and soft tissues connecting the child’s arm and her torso. The girl was then transferred to the No.1 People’s Hospital of Chenzhou for emergency surgery. She is under intensive care after the operation, said Kan Kan.



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