Florida Man On Beer Run Chases Customers Through Convenience Store With Alligator

Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are investigating after a video showing a man walking into a convenience store with his pet alligator under his arm went viral.

In the video, the man walked into the store looking to buy some beer.

“Ya’ll ain’t out of beer, are you?” he asked the worker behind the counter. When he went to the back of the store to grab some beer, he saw another customer grabbing a case for himself.

“Is he taking the last bit of beer? You aren’t taking the last bit of beer are you?”

Man Brings Gator Into Store

The man with the alligator then charged toward the man grabbing some beer, chasing him through the aisles while everybody in the store was laughing.

According to First Coast News, the man in the video said that the incident was “all fun and games. I knew everybody in there.”

Man CLaims It Was All A Joke

Florida is a whole different planet.

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