Watch: Horrifying Video Shows Aeromexico Passenger’s View During Crash

An Aeromexico flight carrying 103 people crashed just after taking off from an airport in northern Mexico Tuesday. Durango officials say it appears that a strong wind brought down Flight 2341.

Passengers escaped via the emergency slides minutes before the aircraft went up in flames. This is video Aeromexico passenger Ashley Garcia recorded inside the plane as it crashed and then outside the plane at the crash site.

After The Plane Crash

The plane was en route Tuesday from Durango to Mexico City when it rapidly descended after takeoff. Authorities in Mexico said there were no fatalities among the 97 passengers and four crew members aboard the Embraer 190 jet that crashed moments after takeoff in Durango, sending plumes of black and gray smoke into the sky. Rescuers took 49 people to hospitals; most of them had minor injuries.

All Passengers Survived

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