Missouri Police Officer Hits Cyclist Head-on, Admits He Was On His Phone In Video

Troopers say distracted driving was a possible cause for a Raymore bicyclist being struck by a Peculiar police officer Thursday evening.

Cyclist Joe Fasanello was waiting at a stop sign when Officer Charles Wallace took a sharp turn in his department-issued SUV and hit him head-on. His GoPro camera on his helmet caught the whole wreck.

“I was struck head-on by a local police officer using his cell phone. He received a text from a fellow officer and decided to read that while making a turn onto my road. I was stopped … there is no excuse to use your phone at the wheel,” Fasanello said.

Police Runs Over Bike

In the video, the officer admitted he was looking at his phone. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating. Troopers say the crash occurred as Wallace made a left turn on 211th Street, cut the corner too sharp and struck Fasanello.

“The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the incident. Until the investigation is complete, the officer is suspended with pay, which is standard,” Police Chief Harry Gurin said.

Officer Admits TO Using His Phone

Gurin said that the department is doing their due diligence to make sure they’re doing everything the right way, and they’re not trying to hide anything.

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