Absolute Idiot Pounds His Chest and Taunts a Bison In Yellowstone

A bison caused a traffic jam on the road to Yellowstone National Park and a stupid guy tried to get him to move.


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Lindsey Jones was driving through the park with her family when the cars began to slow down and stop on the road as a bison wandered by. But one man was undaunted by the large animal – which can weigh up to 2,000 pounds – and got out of his car to taunt the bison on the two-way road.

Jones took out her cellphone video and began to film as the man slowly walked down the road to approach the beast and proudly beat his chest.




The bison spots him and immediately turns around and prepares to charge. But the man doesn’t back down, instead grunting and taunting the bison once again.

The bison then begins to charge the man for a second time as Jones exclaims ‘Oh god, I can’t watch anymore!’ from behind the camera.

‘Get out of there!’ someone else in her car can be heard shouting.




Luckily for the man, the bison quickly loses interest and turns away from him. After one last look, the man slowly walks away from the bison.

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