Single Mother Fights Off Home Intruder With A Shotgun

Criminals beware, don’t mess with armed mothers.



A Florida burglar went running for cover after a mom of two pulled a shotgun on him. The Miami Gardens resident, who did not want to be identified, was home with her two young children, ages 3 and 10, when a man forced his way into their home.

The robber was seen on a security camera getting out of a car parked on the family’s front lawn, walking to the door and knocking on it. The man then starts ramming his body against the front door and kicking it.




The burglar is able to break the door open, but minutes later is seen running out of the home and hopping into the vehicle, which police say was stolen.

The mom had grabbed a shotgun and was waiting for the robber when he forced his way into her home. Her shotgun can be seen on the security footage as she stands in the doorway and watches the burglar run away.




The mother said her kids were the reason she refrained from pulling the trigger.

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