Brisbane Drunk Does Burnouts In Front Of Undercover Cops And Pays The Price

A hoon who was caught allegedly drunk and driving without a licence spat on an officer as he was resisting arrest, police claim. Terry Carr was allegedly drunk when police busted him drifting down a suburban street south of Brisbane.

In a series of videos taken by a witness, who was sitting in a parked car on the street, the 28-year-old can be seen doing burnouts up and down the street. He was seen by an undercover police car who happened to drive past at that moment.

Drunk Burnouts

The video then shows Terry getting out of his car, allegedly to confront witnesses who were trying to get him to stop. Just as he gets to them the police car drives up and two officers get out to arrest him. Carr allegedly threatened to kill the officers and resisted the arrest.

The video shows them telling Carr: ‘Don’t fight. You’ll break your neck driving like that,’ as they arrest him.

Man Arrested By Cops

After a few seconds the police can be seen pulling out their tasers as a female calls out in distress for Carr to stop fighting the police.

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