‘I Don’t Want To Shoot You, Bro!” Cop Says Before Shooting Suspect In Shocking Body-Cam Footage

The unarmed Silver Spring man shot dead by a Montgomery County police officer in June charged at the officer, yelled “Do it!” several times before the first shot, and knocked him over and yelled, “Do it again!” after that.

The officer also believed the man, 41-year-old Robert Lawrence White, was armed and had reached not only for his own gun but the officer’s.

In the video, Badgujar is seen following White around, and appears at one point to pepper-spray White to get him to stop. When White saw Badgujar was coming toward him on foot, he changed direction and started making motions toward his jacket pocket that made Badgujar believe he was armed, the lawyer said.

Man Attacks Offcier

The video shows Badgujar heading back to his car and opening the door as White approaches him. The lawyer added that White tried to grab Badgujar’s gun while yelling “Do it!” before Badgujar shot him the first time. The video shows both men on the ground, with the officer getting up on his knees. White yelled “Do it again!” and advanced on Badgujar, punching him at least twice.

Badgujar then shoots White several times, including after White is lying in the parking lot.

Suspect Shot

Badgujar is still under internal investigation by the Montgomery County police.

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