Toronto police investigating Woman Who Spew Racist Remarks At Train Passenger Before Stealing Their Phone

Police in Toronto are investigating an alleged robbery following an apparent racist confrontation between two women in the city’s subway system.

Video of the incident recorded in the northwest part of the city on July 28, shows two women fighting over a cell phone. At the start of the video, the woman wearing a black shirt can be heard yelling: “Go back to China!”

Woman Shouting Racist Rants

The person who recorded the video, later identified as Margaret Anthony, tries to intervene and the woman in the black shirt indicates she just wants the other woman to delete a video of her that she alleges the other woman took.

“I noticed there was a bit of a kerfuffle and I could hear a young girl essentially screaming ‘Go back to China!’” Anthony told CTV Toronto. “My blood was boiling, so I did what I thought was right and I pressed the emergency alarm.”

Woman Steals Phone

At the end of the video, the subway stops and the woman in the black shirt can be seen running away with the other woman’s phone.

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