French Rappers Booba And Kaaris Arrested After Brawl At Paris Airport

French rap stars Booba and Kaaris were at the centre of a brawl at a Paris airport that caused flight delays of up to 30 minutes. Members of the rappers’ respective entourages were also caught up in the fight, which forced officials at Orly airport to temporarily shut down a departures hall.

Video footage of the incident taken by passengers showed the men – who are two of the biggest stars of French rap – punching and kicking each other in a duty free shop and the waiting lounge. Police said 11 people were arrested in relation to the incident.

Booba, 41, and Kaaris, 38, were both scheduled to attend concerts in Barcelona and reportedly ran into one another while waiting at the airport.

Rappers Fight At Airport

Formerly close friends who collaborated on the 2012 track “Kalash”, Booba was credited for helping launch Kaaris’ career. However, they fell out in 2013 after Booba claimed Kaaris had not backed him up amid his feud with fellow rapper Rohff. And their beef was still hot as ever as the two rappers totally go at it at the Airport.

Booba and Kaaris were detained along with members of their entourages following scuffles at a departure lounge at Orly airport. Police say 11 people were arrested in relation to the incident.

Rappers Get Detained

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