This Russian Singer Smacking Her Head Into Car Door While Doing The “Kiki Challenge” Is The Best Thing Ever

This is the embarrassing moment a woman smacks into a car door trying to complete the Drake music video challenge currently sweeping the globe. The song ‘In My Feelings’ has inspired thousands of people around the world to post videos of themselves, dancing and jumping out of moving cars.

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This includes a young Russian woman identified as Tanya German, who shared her own video on Instagram with the caption: “This is what happens when you try to show off too much”.

Russian Model Kiki

In the video, the woman is seen in the passenger seat of the car which is driving through a forested area with the door open. Tanya gets out of the car and starts dancing alongside as it moves slowly along.

Suddenly the car comes to a halt and she slams straight into the door and lands flat on her back. The driver can be heard laughing and films her as she lies on the ground complaining with her hair all over her face

She Smacks Herself Into Car Window

Kiki challenge done right.

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