Man Climbs On Van And Begs To Be Taken To Strip Club In Bizarre Dashcam Footage

A stranger climbed onto a workman’s van in the middle of Edinburgh and begged to be taken to a strip club in bizarre dashcam footage.

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Chris Fox, who was working in the area, was approached by the man and filmed the entire exchange, including the unsettling moment the stranger knew his name. According to the Daily Record Chris was in the city’s Bristo Place when the odd incident took place.

Man Asks To Be Taken To Strip Club

The footage begins with the man, wearing a black top and dark jeans, approaching vans driving down the busy street which is filled with roadworks.

Chris can be heard giggling and saying “no, no chance” repeatedly as the man approaches his van.

Man Begs To Be Taken To Strip Club

The man then proceeds to beg Chris to take him to the strippers, telling him he knows his name because: “I’m a sound c*** like you.” When Chris tells him emphatically no, the man runs in front of the van and clambers up onto the bonnet.

The clip ends as the man finally gives up, and Chris wheezes in laughter.

Take This Man To A Stripclub

I would’ve gladly taken that man to any strip club his heart desires.

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