Badass Otters KILL a Caiman to Protect Their Young

Damn nature, you SAVAGE! I wouldn’t have believed that a family of otters could kill a large caiman, but that’s exactly what these river otters do in this video produced by BBC Earth.



It took an hour for the adults to do in the caiman, but they needed to protect their cubs. Sadly, two of the youngsters didn’t survive.


Badass Otters KILL a Caiman to Protect Their Young


This four-minute video shows nature at its reddest in tooth and claw, so if you don’t like this kind of thing, skip the video. You have to admit, though, that those otters are gutsy.


Caiman Goes After Otter Cub, Finds Out That That's A Bad Idea


I would have never thought that some tiny Otters could overpower a Crocodile. Those little guys are brave and will do anything to protect their cubs. Wish the camera was underwater so we could see what was going on.

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