Woman Sees Mysterious ‘Gollum-like’ Creature In Canadian Woods

Weird footage has emerged of a mysterious white creature stalking a moose at the edge of a forest in Quebec, Canada. The creepy clip filmed on July 29 shows a creature lurking at the side of the road watching a moose who was grazing in the grass.

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Audrée Fréchette, who filmed the video, said: she was on vacation with friends in Canada on the edge of the road she saw a moose. They stopped the car to watch and film it.

White Creature From The Woods

The next day, upon second-viewing, she noticed something was off about the clip. There was some weirdo white-thing in the background.

Not much more is known about the video or if the figure has been spotted again, or if it was all just a social experiment bro.

Its Gollum

He’s probably looking for the one ring.

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