BBC Weather Expert Passes Out Live On Air Whilst Reporting About The Relentless Heatwave

BBC News’ weather expert Dr. Mark McCarthy fainted in the middle of his live TV bulletin focusing on heatwaves. The climate scientist was chatting to news anchor Annita McVeigh about record temperatures when he dramatically passed out, leaving those at home watching in shock.

The manager of the National Climate Information Centre was on BBC News to discuss the recent heatwaves. His appearance on Tuesday began normally, with the news anchor cutting to the live feed and saying: “To talk to us about all of this, Mark at the State of the Climate report.

“What can we say about the weather in the UK, have we got firmly established patterns now of warmer and wetter weather?”

The expert began to share his findings, explaining: “One thing that we are seeing is…”

Weather Expert On BBC

However, in the midst of his explanation, the weatherman paused, closed his eyes and disappeared from the shot.

He tried to reassure Annita saying he was okay, but worried about the situation she decided to end the interview, saying: “Mark, perhaps we will try to come back to you, and I do hope that Mark McCarthy there is OK.”

Expert Faints On Live TV


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