Heartless: Passenger Drags Seizure Victim Off Train So He Wouldn’t Be Delayed!

A smartly-dressed commuter drags an unconscious passenger off a train. The clip shows the businessman hauling the man onto the platform at the Blue Line’s Wardlow Station in Long Beach, California.



The unconscious man had just suffered a medical seizure on the train, according to horrified witnesses who saw what happened. Others passengers claim the man did not want to wait on the train for paramedics to arrive to treat the stricken man.


The man's trousers fell off as he was hauled of the commuter train


“So this dude is passed out on the train and this motherf*****g white boy is doing the motherf*****g most,” a man who recorded the incident says. “This motherf*****r just yanked him off the f***ing train so he won’t have to stop and miss his f***ing ride.”

No one else on the train complained of having to wait for paramedics to respond, according to the witness.


The suited commuter said he was just 'being responsible'


The man in suit is later seen getting off the train and kneeling down to check the man’s pulse. He then claimed he was “being responsible” by removing the unidentified man from the train.

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