Moo-ve out of the way! Policeman in Scotland gets chased by cow

This cow gave a police officer a run for his money after chasing him across a main road. In hilarious footage an officer with Road Policing Scotland is seen being tailed by the charging cow he originally set out to rescue.





PC Ross had been tasked with luring the farmyard animal out of a ditch it had become stuck in and back to its field. In the footage taken by his patrol car’s dash cam PC Ross can be seen approaching the ditch as heavy rain falls.



But before he can reach the cow, it comes to him. Charging up the slope at the Police Constable. PC Ross turns and runs for safety, leaping across the tarmac of the road.



Luckily, the cow peels off and gives up its chase but not before giving the officer the fright of his life. Road Policing Scotland posted the hilarious video to Twitter, where is has bee liked 2,800 times and retweeted over 800 times.



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