Shocking moment man steals car with five-year-old in the back

This is the terrifying moment a man steals a car with a five-year-old in the back seat leaving his brother, 10, scrambling to get help. CCTV footage shows the man, named by police as Javon Gaymen, jumping into the driver’s seat of the idling Nissan Altima outside a restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut on Thursday last week.



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He can be seen lurking around the car and eventually gets in after the driver, Jovenky Alcide, goes into a nearby restaurant to pick up food. Suddenly, the Alcide’s 10-year-old son bursts out of the rear passenger door when he realizes what’s happening and sprints towards the store to fetch his father. But his brother, 5, is left strapped into the back seats as the thief starts to speed off down the road with the door still flapping open. Alcide and his 10-year-old son then chase the car down the street but it is too late.



Police say they chased Gaymen into Stratford, where he told them that he left the younger, 5-year-old boy about a block away from where the car was stolen. A woman found the child and called police. According to officials, the vehicle was stopped as it pulled into a gas station six miles away, and the driver was taken into custody.



‘I was devastated,’ Alcide said, ‘Anything could have happened, I’m not sure, but thank God I have my son back.’ Police say Gaymen was hospitalized after he tried to hurt himself, as well as bait officers into shooting him. He’s now being held on $100,000 bond.



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