Moment a bull charges at an English speaking tourist in Spain

This is the terrifying moment a tourist in Spain filmed himself getting attacked by bull from a wooden platform where he thought he was safe. The English speaking visitor was in a village of the eastern Spanish region of Valencia when we was attacked and thrown in to the air by the bull.





The footage captures the bull running down the street and charging at the man who jumped on to a platform. As the bull prepared to attack the taunting traveller it scrapes it’s feet on the road sizing up the competition. The man filming steps closer to the edge of the wooden platform and wiggles his fingers in front of the animal. The bull reacts quickly, swiftly taking the man down by jumping on to the stage and dragging him closer. Screams from onlookers echo in the distance as the bull attacks and the footage turns completely black.



A second video shot of the same incident further back shows the bull jumping over the stage and knocking the man to the ground. The bull then flings the man in to their air with it’s horns. A 45-year-old male has been confirmed as an English speaker but his name and nationality are yet to be reported. He suffered serious bruising in the attack and was treated by emergency services at the scene.



The man was then taken to the local hospital for further examination. He was attacked at the ‘Bous al Carrer’ festival which is translated as ‘Bulls to the Street’. The festival has bulls released into the streets of villages in the Valencia and Catalonia regions.



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