Wild Elephants Casually Stop By At Hotel For Quick Drink In Pool

When you go to South Africa’s Kruger National Park, you expect to see quite a few African elephants. But I guess when you’re lying down by the pool, you wouldn’t expect three massive bulls to waltz up and start drinking the pool water.

Being an elephant obsessive, I’d like to think I’d skip over and cuddle the majestic creatures, but as the frozen couple on the right suggest, I’m sure it’s pretty intimidating.

Another couple was walking up to the pool at a private camp in Kruger Park when the trio of giants paid them a visit.

Tourists Chilling

So they decided to film the whole encounter as the elephant’s drink, make the classic noises you’d expect, while the couple lies stock still on their loungers.

The smaller-eared cousin of African elephants also takes part in their fair share of interaction with humans.

Elephants Stop By For A Drink

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