Corgi Learns To Surf As Therapy After Getting Mauled By Two Dogs

Meet Jojo: a California Corgi with some seriously impressive surfing skills. The adorable pet has become a social media sensation showing off his surprising talent, which began as a form of therapy after a nearly-fatal dog attack four years ago.

GoPro footage captures Jojo taking on San Diego swells with the help of his owners Josephine and Ryan Hearn.

Jojo’s surprising talent arose out of a particularly heartbreaking incident in 2014, when he and Josephine were attacked by two dogs on their way to the park. The attack left her with injuries on her hand and him with both physical and mental scars that took nearly all the Hearns’ savings to repair.

Surfing Corgi

After finding that hydrotherapy helped with his recovery, Josephine and Ryan took the pooch to the beach in San Diego, where they momentarily set him down on a surfboard for convenience.

The couple was shocked to discover Jojo could actually balance on the board on his own and appeared to really enjoy being on there.

Coolest Corgi

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