Video Shows Angry Gym Member In ‘animal’ Tank Top Attack A 19-year-old Weightlifter For Making Too Much Noise

A 19-year-old Canadian athlete was attacked at a Montreal gym by another man for making too much noise while powerlifting, in an incident that was caught on the victim’s cellphone camera last week.

Weightlifting coach Peter Rubish shared the footage capturing his student Charles Lalonde’s altercation with a fellow member of Buzzfit gym on YouTube, where is has been viewed nearly 1.5million since last Thursday.

Lalonde was deadlifting 350lbs at the fitness center at 10pm on August 2 when a visibly agitated man in an ‘Animal’ tank top and shorts strode up to him, kicked the barbell out of his hands and yelled at the startled teen to get out.

Teen Attacked For Doing Deadlifts

But a random gym member ‘took it upon himself to confront him after he deemed his deadlifts to be too loud…’ Craig Johnson, head of operations for Buzzfit gyms, explained to Montreal Gazette that Lalonde was powerlifting at an elite level, and their facilities are not equipped for what he was doing.

Workers at the gym later reviewed security footage to identify the bully who attacked Lalonde and he has since been barred from exercising at Buzzfit.

Man Bullies Teen

Rubish said be believes his student plans to press charges against the unnamed attacker.

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