Attempted Drone Assassination Of Venezuelan President Caught On Camera

The explosion heard in the video is a drone which was carrying bombs meant for the Venezuelan President.


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Two drones packed with explosives reportedly flew toward Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday night in what the government has described as a failed assassination attempt.

Assailants launched two drones filled with a total of more than four pounds of plastic explosives toward Maduro, his wife and other top Venezuelan leaders, according to the Associated Press.




The attack occurred while Maduro was making a speech at a huge outdoor event in Caracas to celebrate the 81st anniversary of the country’s national guard. One of the drones was set to explode above the president while the second was set to detonate in front of him, according to Interior Minister Nestor Reverol.

The Venezuelan military knocked one of the drones off-course electronically. The second drone crashed into an apartment building about two blocks from where Maduro was speaking to hundreds of troops, Reverol said.




Video taken at the event showed security officers surrounding Maduro with some sort of large black shields as they escorted him away.

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