How To Get Away With Murder: Woman Shows How Unbelievable A Makeup Transformation Can Really Get!

Call us makeup plebeians, but we didn’t know that half of her techniques were even possible, as she uses transparent tape, a prosthetic nose and other cosmetics to completely change her appearance.


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Chinese woman Qi Huahua has the internet shook after posting an unbelievable transformation, using makeup and new beauty prosthetics.

In the video, captured in Hengyang City in southern China’s Hunan Province, Qi Huahua first uses moisturisers and primers to prep her face. She then creates all new features, using a series of coloured-contact lenses, foundation, eyebrow powder, eyeshadow, double eyelid tape and fake eyelashes.


Qi Huahua unbelievable makeup transformation skills


Qi Huahua’s makeup vlog was shared on the 9Gag Facebook page, with the caption ‘How to get away with murder’, where it’s been viewed more than 1.8 million times. She applies tape to her cheeks and even affixes a prosthetic nose, as part of the new ‘sculpture’ makeup trend sweeping Southeast Asia.


Woman Shows How Unbelievable A Makeup Transformation Can Really Get!


At the end of the video, she was left completely unrecogniable. Viewers were left in shock, with one person observing: “This is why I have trust issues”.

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