Fish Surround Diver In Bait Ball For Protection From Huge Shark

A diver has been filmed off the coast of Egypt being engulfed in a ‘bait ball’ of fish, all the while oblivious to the whale shark lurking behind him that the fish were trying to escape.



The diver, Tobias Sachs, was floating in the sea off Hurghada, a large beach resort town on the east coast of the African country, when a fellow diver caught the footage.




It shows him floating, being careful not to make too much movement as the small fish swarm around him in a mesmerising pattern of shapes centred around the diver.

According to fellow diver Reinhart Hoft, 59, also known as James, his friend was so hypnotised by the shimmering ball of fish forming around him that he did not initially notice the huge whale shark approaching behind him.




James said: “The school of fish was seeking protection from the whale shark by being near the diver.“

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