Butcher Swings A Huge Hunk Of Meat In Vegan Protesters’ Faces When They Stage A Protest Near His Market Stall In Leeds

This is the moment a butcher swings a piece of meat at vegan demonstraters after starting a protest outside their shop.

Footage shot by vegan protester Ginette Lindstrom shows one of the butchers becoming angry at the crowd gathering outside his market stall, and he waves meat in the direction of the group. The market traders demand the protesters leave the Leeds Kirkgate Market and security is called on the demonstrators.

The arguments spill out into the street as the protesters are forced to leave, with one man trying to grab the camera from a demonstrator.

Butcher Swings Meat At Vegan Protesters

Ms. Lindstrom claims to have since reported the incident, which took place on July 28, to police.

Speaking after the incident, Ms. Lindstrom said: ‘The abuse started immediately as we had turned the corner and become visible to the butchers.

‘Instantly we were shouted at to “Get out” and “F*** off” etc along with other slurs as we remained silently walking down the shop.’

Vegan Protesters Face Butcher

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