Horrific video captures car smashing into crashed vehicle

This shocking footage shows the moment a car rammed into the side of a broken-down truck on a busy motorway. Shortly before the moment of impact a man is seen reaching into the green pick-up truck which is blocking an overtaking lane.





As the truck is struck wheels and debris hurtle towards the camera and the man vanishes from view. Despite the carnage, three people involved in the crash managed to escape with their lives. The incident was captured by the camera on a tow truck that was helping the broken-down pick-up on Toronto’s Highway 401 at around 7pm last Saturday.



The impact of the crash sends pieces of mangled metal, the contents of the car and even wheels hurtling through the air. The man is sent flying towards the central reservation and a woman and a younger man are both thrown from the truck. The woman lands face down while the younger man is able to walk away from the crash. The driver who rammed the white vehicle into the truck is not seen in the video.



Adil Kanan, whose dashcam footage caught the collision, told Global News: ‘When this vehicle was approaching [the pick-up truck] in lane one, there was no gesture to slow down. There was no gesture to signal and move over. ‘You could tell whoever was operating that vehicle was not aware that this [pick-up truck] was in front of them. Many other vehicles who were passing the accident had ample time to slow down and move over safely, which they did.’



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