Un-bear-lievable! Huge black bear climbs over a barbed-wire fence

This huge black bear made climbing over a barbed-wire fence look like a piece of cake. Flo Shoenberger was riding his bike in June when he came across the unsettling sight and took out his phone.





Shoenberger made sure he was as far away from the bear as possible when he started to record. The large black bear is seen scaling the fence of a local airport. In a matter of seconds, the bear reaches the top of the fence where the barbed-wire is located.



The bear then climbs carefully over the wire, one giant paw at a time. It didn’t appear that the bear was hurt by the wire and once it made it to the ground, it scurried off.



‘Black bears are very smart and very good climbers, so smart even that it pushes the brackets which brings down the sharp wires,’ Shoenberger said. The remarkable moment took place in Anchorage, Alaska.



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