Jaguar and caiman wrestle till one finally comes out on top

This dramatic footage captures the fight to the death between a jaguar and caiman in a South American river. The stunning footage shows the pair thrashing around in the Corixo Negro River in the Encontros das Águas State Park, Brazil.





The big cat, known as ‘Mick Jaguar’ in the local area, even manages to drag the reptile underwater for a number of seconds. Jaguars usually use their stealth to their advantage by pouncing on their unwitting prey, although on this occasion the two predators were seen tussling after the jaguar only grabbed hold of the caiman’s lower jaw.



After a 15-minute bout, the jaguar emerges the victor and drags the caiman to the shore. Eduardo Falcao, of the Jaguar Ecological Reserve, was guiding Ms Hunter and Mr Sangster through the jungle at the time of the fight. He was it was the largest fight he had even seen between a caiman and a jaguar.



Staff with the Jaguar Identification Project were able to recognize the creature and have been using citizen science to keep track of him and others in the Pantanal region down the years.



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