Cat-ch me if you can! Hilarious moment man fails to stop his wife’s cat from escaping from their house

This is the hilarious moment a man fails to catch his wife’s cat as it escapes from their home. The couple’s CCTV camera captured the amusing moment the man made a last ditch attempt to stop the moggy from breaking free.





The feline’s bid for freedom was just one in a long series of dramatic attempts at escape. In the footage the cat, named Tom, can be seen slipping from its owner’s grasp as it bounces off the porch of the house in Pasco County, Florida.



‘Son of a b****, son of a b****,’ the man repeatedly shouts as the cat speeds away.



Later, after having calmed down, the owner said: ‘My wife’s cat named Tom got out of the house and I was so close to grab him but as you can see he was too fast. ‘Fortunately, he came back and now he is safe and sound with us.’



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