Passerby slaps man he catches having s*x on cricket pitch

An angry father slapped a man having sex with a woman in front of cricket-playing children after police failed to turn up and confront the pair. Parents were disgusted by the couple’s actions and called 999 at least five times before the man decided to intervene. He was filmed by another onlooker.





The couple were seen having alcohol-fulled sex on a cricket pitch in Roundhay Park, Leeds, in front of youngsters taking part in afternoon sports on Sunday. The mother who filmed the clip, obtained by The Sun, can be heard telling police that she reported the city centre sex session 30 minutes ago but officers in West Yorkshire still had not arrived.



As she tells the operator the couple were having intercourse ‘in the middle of loads of kids playing cricket’, the woman informs them ‘they’re at it again’ after a brief break following her first call. Informing the call handler that she’s the third person to report the obscene display, a man can be heard shouting: ‘It’s like the fifth time now.’ The operator’s promise to get unit out ASAP clearly isn’t sufficient, as a father in a white shirt and cap storms over to slap the half-naked man across the face.



A witness said ‘fair play to the dad’, adding the couple ‘well and truly had it coming.’ Officers admitted on Monday that they did not arrive until 46 minutes after they were called. By the time police arrived at the scene at 1.55pm, the couple had left the park.



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