Watch: Herd Of Cows Perform A “Citizen’s Arrest” — Chases Suspect Into Police Custody

A Florida sheriff’s office got an unusual assist in corralling a suspected car thief. A group of cows decided to chase down and herd the woman into custody after she invaded their field.

According to police, Young and her passenger, Jennifer Kaufman decided to make a run for it. Young was found hiding in some bushes nearby and arrested with the help of K-9s. Kaufman took off on foot and ran into a nearby pasture, which ended up being a big mistake.

Suspect On The Run

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office helicopter team was able to track her running through the cow pasture where she ran into some upset bovines. In the aerial video recording, the pilot tells Sanford police that “for a good visual” on Kaufman, look for the “large group of cows” chasing the suspect.

Her Of Cows Arrest Suspect

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office also gave the cows some kudos on social media after the second woman was taken into custody.

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