Watch This Giant Panda Mascot Gets Stuck In Mall Elevator Because Of Reasons

A mall in China decided to hire a giant panda mascot to entertain their customers. Unfortunately, they didn’t check to make sure that the large costume.

It turns out elevators in China weren’t built with GIANT PANDA mascots in mind. A shopping mall in China hired this large mascot as part of a promotional campaign not realizing the problems with will arise with such a large beast in a small mall.

Panda Mascot Stuck

As you can see, the panda mascot has very hard time with escalator and even gets itself stuck in the elevator doors. Luckily, no pandas (real or fake) were harmed during this stunt. But we can’t say the same for the poor soul that inside the large mascot.

Escalator Predicament

Hope he gets paid a lot for this.

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