Breastfeeding Mom Shamed For Nursing In Front Of Teenage Boys

A breastfeeding woman at the dentist in Thomasville, Georgia, says she was “humiliated” after a staffer asked her to cover up with a blanket. Mother of four Suzie Ramirez recorded the heated interaction on her phone.

A mom who was breastfeeding inside a dentist’s office gets harassed by a woman for not covering up. 24-year-old, Suzie Ramirez, was handed a blanket while feeding her 4-month-old daughter, but when her baby started to fuss under the blanket the young mother decided to take it off.

Dentist Staff Berates Breast Feeding Woman

The offended staff members in the clinic implied it was a sexual act. Someone should ask the staff members which is worse, the sight of a boob in public… or the blood-curdling cries of a hungry baby?

Breast Feeding Mother Harrased

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