‘Shoot Me’ Yells Suspect Before Being Fatally Shot By Police Officer In Shocking Viral Video

Footage recorded by a body-worn camera shows the tense moments leading up to a deadly shooting involving a Volusia County deputy in the Seville neighborhood.

Investigators said Deputy Brandon Watson fatally shot Emmanuel Alquisiras, 29, while responding to a domestic violence call Friday evening.

A calm conversation soon escalated into a violent tussle.

Watson shocked Alquisiras with a Taser, and Alquisiras reached for the Taser.

“Shoot me. Kill me. Kill me, man,” Alquisiras said.

“I’m not going to kill you. I don’t want to hurt you, so can you stop,” Watson said.

Officer Opens Fire

Watson ordered Alquisiras to let go of the Taser. “You ain’t going to take me out of here, amigo,” Alquisiras said. “I don’t care if he shoot me, OK? If you shoot me.”

“That’s the last thing that I want to do,” Watson said

Suspect Screams Shoot Me

He backup deputy was still several minutes away when Watson watched Alquisiras grab his wife. Watson was required “to do something,” Chitwood said. “He just can’t turn around and walk away.”

“A couple of his family members showed up, and they ain’t happy right now,” Watson could be heard saying after the shooting.

Watson was placed on paid administrative leave, which is typical in police shootings.

Officer Tasers Suspect

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the shooting.

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