Watch An Ant Steal A Diamond From Wholesaler’s Desk

If this doesn’t get him into the queens pants I don’t know what will.



Everybody knows that although ants are absolutely tiny, they’re able to carry objects that weigh between 10 and 50 times their body weight, and which are much larger than them. We’ve all seen videos of them carrying leaves, but this little ant went a little bit further:

Yep, that’s a diamond that the tiny insect is just brazenly pushing along without a care in the world. Clearly it had an insect friend it wanted to impress – or maybe even pop the question to.


Watch An Ant Steal A Diamond From Wholesaler's Desk


The video was taken inside a jewelry shop and shows the insect nonchalantly carrying the diamond across a white desk. Although the jewel seems colossal by comparison, the ant seems to have absolutely no trouble pushing it along and actually carries it for about a foot or two. Which might not seem like a very long distance, but a foot for an ant is a hell of a long distance.

Similarly, while that diamond is like a speck of dirt on a human hand, albeit one that probably costs a few months’ salary – totally guessing here; no idea what carat that diamond is or what it’s worth – it dwarfs the ant.


Ant stealing diamond


It looks more like a boulder. Obviously, a boulder would weigh a lot more than 10 times that of a human body, though. This is more like the average human attempting to carry a cow. Before you scoff, have you ever tried lifting a cow? Exactly.

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