Dogs Chase A Prowling Tiger Away From Kids

When a tiger swam across the river into a village near the India-Nepal Border, man’s best friends stepped up to fend it off.



A group of playing children closely missed an attack from a tiger that had roamed into their village near the India-Nepal Border – thanks to two heroic dogs that managed to scare the beast away.


Dogs chase off vicious tiger, saving children from near attack in India village


This video, filmed on August 8 in the Indian village of Katarnia, near Katnariaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, shows the camera pointing to the ground and shaking as the filmer and other villagers screamed ran in panic. Towards the end of the clip, two dogs can be seen chasing the tiger away.


Dogs Chase A Prowling Tiger Away From Kids


According to the villagers, tigers occasionally cross the river into the village in search for food. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the incident.

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