Suspect Ignoring Officer’s Orders Takes a Bullet to the Knee

The suspect was taken to a hospital with injuries non life-threatening and ultimately booked into jail on multiple charges, including burglary. Warning: Contains Violence.



Police body camera video depicts Cpl. Jeremy Dunn of the Enoch City Police Department responding to the scene of a burglary call and coming upon a woman refusing to drop a screwdriver as another male suspect stood near her side.

The woman, Ivonne Casimiro, is seen in the video repeatedly telling officers to “go ahead, blow,” as they aimed their guns at her.




“You come at me with that knife, I guarantee I’ll smoke ya,” Dunn told the woman.

After two failed taser attempts to subdue Casimiro, Dunn aims his gun at her. She raises the screwdriver in her right arm and starts to take a step with her left leg. That’s when Dunn squeezed off three rounds at Casimiro’s legs.




A Utah police department has cleared the officer.

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