Man Heroically Jumps Headfirst Into Moving Car To Save Driver Having A Seizure

Check out this amazing dash cam footage of a man jumping into a car window to save a driver having a seizure at the wheel:


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What a bloody hero – especially considering that if most of us saw a car careering out of lane on the road our first instinct would be to swear profusely and shake our first in the air.

But nope, this dude gets out of his vehicle, runs over and does a James Bond dive straight through the passenger side to help the driver, and, in turn, others on the road at the time.




39-year-old Randy Thompson had spotted the other car creeping through a red traffic signal at a busy intersection, and threw his truck into reverse before running over to the passenger side of the moving car.




Randy realised that the driver was having a seizure and, thankfully, he knew exactly what to do.

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