Video Shows Routine Traffic Stop Turn Into Gun Battle Between Cops And Armed Suspect

A routine traffic stop for speeding turned into a blazing gun battle that left one Pennsylvania state trooper critically wounded and a suspect bleeding from gunshot wounds of his own.

Now Daniel Clary, 22, has been convicted of attempted murder and other charges stemming from the violent encounter on Nov 7, 2017 in Plainfield Township. The paper sued for access to a graphic and violent police dash cam video that showed the entire 45-minute incident, including the troopers wrestling Clary to the ground and exchanging gunfire with him before he drives away.

Suspect To The Ground

The video shows the two state troopers, Ryan Seiple and Seth Kelly, speaking with Clary after they pulled him over for speeding. The Morning Call’s cut of the video includes the opening minutes where Clary is patted down by troopers. The video shows the key points of the incident, which was supposed to be a normal traffic stop turned violent gun fight.

Gunfight Routine Traffic Stop

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