An Arkansas Police Officer Is Fired After Telling a Group of Black Men ‘you Don’t Belong in My City’

An Arkansas police officer has been fired after telling a group of African-American men that “you don’t belong in my city.” The July 21 encounter with England Police Officer Mike Moore was captured on video by one of the men, Demarcus Bunch, and posted on Facebook on Tuesday.

In the video, Moore shakes the young men’s hands and tells them his name. Bunch and his cousin tell Moore about their uncle and explain that they are shooting a video. Bunch then says they noticed the officer was following them.

“You know why?” Moore replies. “Because you don’t belong in my city.”

“We’re from here,” Bunch replies.

“But you understand, I know who my people are, right? Who belongs here and who doesn’t?” Moore says. “We’ve got gang wars going on, we’ve got all kinds of stuff. I come from the big city where this stuff is small, okay? So, that’s cool. Do your thing.”

Moore Fired

“You said we don’t belong in your city, though?” Bunch asks.

“Can I say something? OK … I have never seen you here before, and I know almost everybody here,” Moore says.

Racist Cop

Bunch then points out his address in the neighborhood and tells Moore that he had attended England High School.

“Well good for you, my name is Mike Moore, OK. I’m not from here,” Moore says. Then he asks the men to step away from his car because he is going to let his police dog out.

Cop Approaches Black Man

Moore was fired the next day.

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