Must Watch — Mystery ‘Ghost Ship’ Spotted On Camera Near Michigan

The idea of ships gliding across the seven seas, manned by a long-dead crew is something that has captured imaginations for centuries.

Videographer Jason Asselin was out shooting an atmospheric music video for alt-rock musician Kevin B Klein. However, when Jason tried to capture the image of a rainbow, his camera caught something far more disconcerting. Stood on the shores of Marquette’s Presque Isle Park, the cameraman filmed what appeared the be a huge ghost ship; grey and shadowy against the horizon.

Jason later uploaded the creepy footage to YouTube, where it has since been viewed over three million times.

Ghost Ship Off Michigan

Many commenters were convinced they were looking at the ghostly apparition of The SS Edmund Fitzgerald, with one person ominously remarking, ‘the lake it is said never gives up her dead.’

This is reportedly a popular saying in the area. The water is said to be so cold, bacterial growth is inhibited, and so corpses which would usually bloat with gas and float sink far beneath the choppy surface; never to be seen again.

Mysterious Ghost Ship

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