Baby Son Can’t Even Walk Yet, Careless Dad Tattooed a Big Design on His Chest

Recently, having a tattoo is an art many follow despite their ages. Many likes this art so much they cover their skin with tattoos of all designs.

Well, this is a personal preference so no one can say anything about it. However, forcing someone else to follow your liking is another story.

A video has recently gone viral for a disturbing reason. A young dad took his 4-year-old son to get his first tattoo. For many kids, just seeing injection needle can make them cry nonstop. And this boy has to bear millions of needles on his skin.

Baby Son Gets Tattoed

We can clearly see how uncomfortable he is and the painful look on his face. Two adults hold his limbs to stop him from fidgeting. He had to bear the pain in hours due to the size of the tattoo. He had been cried and rejected a lot, yet his father insists on his first intention.

Baby Gets Large Chest Tattoo

The strength of a 4-year-old can’t fight the hold of adults.

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