Dogs chase huge tiger away from children after the big cat swims across a river into village

This is the amazing moment two dogs chase a huge tiger away from a group of children after the big cat swam across a river into their village. The shaky video, filmed in the Indian village of Katarnia near the border with Nepal, begins as the cameraman zooms in on the beast swimming across the river.





He then points the camera at the ground as he runs away from the huge creature, and all that can be heard is panting and the screams of other villagers. The camera then steadies and shows terrified children running away from the tiger who is prowling along the river.



The beast lets out a huge roar before two dogs run straight into danger to scare the tiger off. It then runs away into the distance as the screaming continues.



According to villagers in Katarnia, tigers occasionally cross the river in search of food. Nobody was injured in the incident which happened on August 8.



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