Watch Their Desperate Attempts — Guy Teases Seagulls By Throwing Fries In His Car

You’ll find opinions on seagulls differ, some people find they are part of the natural fabric of life in seaside towns and beaches. Others find them a nuisance, placing them in the same bracket as pigeons – rats of the sky.

Some would say it’s survival tactics, others would argue it’s infuriating – for those in the latter you’ll get joy out of one person who decided to torment a flock of seagulls with his chips. The footage was filmed in Gosford, New South Wales, in Australia on June 10 this year. The person who filmed the video, who has not been named, threw some of her chips on top of her dashboard for the seagulls to see.

Guy Teases Seagulls

We’re assuming from the footage seagulls aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer among the Aves family as they didn’t realize the windshield was blocking their futile attempts to get to the chips. I guess when food is the only thing on the mind all logic goes out of the window.

As the ‘gulls continued pecking at the windshield the person recording the footage can be heard laughing with malicious glee, she was obviously getting a kick out of the bird’s futile attempts to get the chips.

Gulls Have No Idea

You know what would’ve made this video better? If there was a seagull strong enough to pierce through – or at least crack – their windscreen.

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