Guy Risks His Life Filming Amazing Footage Huge Mudslide In Switzerland

Hair-raising footage has emerged of a huge mudslide crashing down the side of a mountain in Switzerland. The violent mudslide was triggered after storms led to a river expanding and ultimately bursting its banks. Locals heard the noise approximately three to four minutes before the mudslide appeared and came out to have a gander.

The shocking footage shows the dark stream of filth cascading down the mountain; dense and clotted with debris and rocks. Locals could be seen encouraging each other to step back from the waterway as the mudslide gushed towards them; spewing debris to either side as it went.

Massive Landslide

As the thick mass spilled high all over the surrounding asphalt in a gruesome fountain, the fear of those looking on was evident. However, one woman remained fairly close; even when the full ferocity of the mudslide became evident.

The onlookers move further away as the mud piles up and up in hideous layers; knocking over a road sign as though it had been made with toothpicks. The woman can be seen running a few paces to avoid being buried alive.

Switzerland Landslide

Well, that’s not good.

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